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Release Blitz, Review & Giveaway: Still Air (Portland, ME #4) by Freya Barker



Title: Still Air 
Series: Portland, ME #4
Author: Freya Barker 
Release Date: December 5th, 2016


Deprival haunted her…

Regret troubled her…

Silence left her detached...

A life in the service of others is both penance and a blessing. She soothes her personal hell by pulling victims from theirs, helping them on their path to survival; never finding her own.

When a crippling blow finally evaporates her last hope, the temptation to give up is strong. Still, she can’t find it in her to turn her back on those who need her: the innocent, whose rescue is her perpetual goal.

He was blind, but now he sees how his family has sifted through his fingers. The reality hits hard when his son becomes a stranger, slipping deeper into transgression. Concern has him call on the one person he fears will see his own failures all too clearly. A woman he’s kept his distance from for his own protection.

What appeared to be an incompatible pairing, turns out the unyielding bond needed to heal them all.

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“What are you thinking?” he mumbles, his large frame still pinning me to the mattress, his face buried in the spot low on my neck he seems to like.

“That I feel safe,” I tell him, surprised at my own conclusion. “In more than one way, actually,” I add. “I’m not sure how long it’s been, maybe I never had it, but I’m not scared of the future anymore. Or of letting myself feel.” Dino pushes up on his elbows, all his attention focused on my face as I smile. “I admit that for a while last night I wasn’t so sure, but that disappeared when I saw you waiting for me. I’m grateful for your words but I didn’t need them. Trust is not something I easily give, but I trust you.”

“Thank you.” His lips move against mine before he lifts away. “I was an ass and it had little to do with you. It was the realization I was failing as a parent.” A sharp shake of his head cuts off the protest that was forming on my lips. “I wasn’t watching Gina. I was too preoccupied with other things to notice she was slipping. Last night was a knee jerk reaction. I have to get used to sharing things again. I haven’t been able to do that in a long time. It was always just easier to deal with things myself. I should’ve talked to you.”

“Stop.” I cover his mouth with my fingers. “Enough of the self-recriminations. Lord knows we both have a knack for those. I still struggle with the what-ifs. I don’t want to do that with you. Don’t want to have regrets of any kind, and the only way to do that is to be completely open. Give you all of me, warts and all. All I want in return is to trust that when we hit the inevitable bumps in the road, you’ll have my back, just as I have yours.”

Dino’s beautiful brown eyes turn liquid as I watch him swallow hard. “Always.” His gruff voice cracks on the single word as he rolls off me and swings his legs over the side of the bed. I watch the muscles in his ass flex as he makes his way to the bathroom. Nice view. One I wouldn’t mind enjoying the rest of my life.

My thoughts grind to a halt. Am I really considering that? The rest of my life?

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About the Author:

Freya Barker inspires with her stories about 'real’ people, perhaps less than perfect, each struggling to find their own slice of happy. She is the author of the Cedar Tree Series and the Portland, ME, novels.

Freya is the recipient of the RomCon “Reader’s Choice” Award for best first book, “Slim To None,” and is a finalist for the 2016 Kindle Book Awards for “From Dust”. She currently has two complete series and three anthologies published, and is working on two new series; La Plata County FBI—ROCK POINT, and Northern Lights. She continues to spin story after story with an endless supply of bruised and dented characters, vying for attention!

My Review:
Freya Barker has the uncanny ability to tear your heart to peaces, stitch it up and make you crave more. And this emotional roller coaster is no different than any other incredible story ever written by this amazing author. With every single book I read by her, I think that there is no way she can make my ugly cry harder or leave me in a bigger emotional puddle after finishing the story. But she proves me wrong time and time again. So yes, Still Air, this incredible emotional book left me with my heart wide open and my eyes puffy after the countless tears I shed for the characters. This is the story of a woman who's been irreparably broken and hides her demons even from the closest to her people. It is the story of an man who though his life was good, when it exploded in his face and left him to deal with the ruins. It is the story of two people, who are scared to open up to any one, two people who lived through their own brand of hell, two people that find solace, redemption and hope in each other. Two people that save each other.

I don't think I have enough words to express what an incredible book this is. The characters are very complex and well developed and feel so real that by the end of the book you feel like they are part of your circle. If you've read the previous books in the series, you already know and love them. But I can guarantee that no matter what you thought Pam and Dino's story is, you will be still surprised. They will touch corners of your heart and soul that you didn't even know existed. So be ready with the box of tissues by your side.

I think there is nothing left to say except that this book, this series is a MUST read. This author is a MUST read. So if you haven't read anything by her yet, it is about time you do so. I can guarantee you won't regret it. You can read this story as a standalone, but I think you will enjoy it much more if you read the whole series in order. So PLEASE, get your #oneclick finger working and pick your copy today. That will be your best buy for the year!!!

I wish I could give this book more than 5 *, ten times more, but as I can't, I will have to compromise with 5!!!



Review: Your Inescapable Love by Layla Hagen

Title: Your Inescapable Love (Bennett Family #4) 
Author: Layla Hagen 
Synopsis: A sizzling new friends-to-lover romance from a USA Today Bestselling Author. Each book in the Bennett family series is a full, standalone story. Max Bennett was nine years old the first time he met Emilia. The two formed a tight friendship that lasted for years until she moved away. Now, years later, Max enjoys a successful career, and his brilliant business sense helped him take his family’s company to the next level. Max loves his life: carefree and fun. He has everything he wants, and has no intentions of settling down anytime soon (even though his family might have other ideas). But when a chance encounter brings him face to face with Emilia, he starts questioning everything. The girl he last saw years ago has grown into a beautiful woman with sensual curves and a smile he can’t get out of his mind. Their chemistry is sizzling, and between old memories and new challenges, the two form a connection that is undeniable. Emilia Campbell has a lot on her plate, taking care of her sick grandmother. Still, the twenty-eight year old physical therapist faces everything with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. The one area in her life where she’s not too optimistic is love. After practically being left at the altar, Emilia has sworn off men. Until the childhood friend she hero-worshiped and hasn’t quite forgotten, steps into her clinic. Max is every bit the troublemaker she remembers, only now he has a body to drool over, and a smile to melt her panties. Not that she intends to do the former, or let the latter happen. They are both determined not to cross the boundaries of friendship. But as they spend more time together, their chemistry spirals out of control. Can Emilia trust her childhood hero with the key to her heart and accept she might have found her one true love?

I am a loyal fan of Layla Hagen´s books, I think I´ve read every one of them and every time I get the chance to read her stories I am left speechless. She can transport readers to a world where love wins against all odds. In each of the books from the Bennett Family series she approaches love from different perspectives. In Your Inescapable Love, the friend zoned love blossoms in a chemistry out of this world. 

I utterly adore how believable Hagen´s stories are, I feel like I could undoubtedly live in the world she portrays so effortlessly.
I am blown away by her capacity of creating and developing a set of characters that seem real and tangible to all her readers. With each story readers get to know some new characters while at the same time reunite and reminisce with previous ones and keep seeing their story evolve.  It is really difficult to choose a favorite couple because each story has something unique and magical about them, though I have to say I am addicted to friends to lovers’ storylines.

As always, Hagen´s writing is impeccable, well-paced and rich in portraying emotions through words. I won´t stop following her career because since the first book I´ve read by her, I have been hopelessly enchanted by her beautiful writing. 

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The Book Oscars 2016: Nominations & Giveaway


Hi there Book Lovers!

As our first Book Awards were a great success, we present you with our Second Annual Book Oscars :) As you know we don't want to be biased, so as we did last year, we are giving you the opportunity to choose the books and authors which will be up for voting :) You have the chance to nominate 3 authors, books or characters in each category from now till January 1st. Then we will count all the votes and the 10 authors, books, characters, etc. with the most votes will continue to the final round :)

In order to have a variety of authors and books in each category, we will really appreciate it if you can spread the word around :) And as a thank you for your help, we have a giveaway  for 6 SWAG Packs and 6 Signed Custom made postcards by a variety of authors :) If we get nominations from more than 5000 readers, we may add some more :) So keep spreading the word around :)

Now here is the Nomination form :)

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REVIEW: Vice by Callie Hart

Title: Vice 
Author: Callie Hart 
Synopsis: In war, there are only three rules. Obey orders. Protect the guy standing next to you. Stay alive. Cade Preston left the military a long time ago, but he has never ceased to live by the laws of combat. As vice president of the Widow Makers Motorcycle club, he’s been loyal. He’s fought tooth and nail to stay alive. He’s shed blood to save the lives of those who matter to him. And now he’s gone and done something he swore he would never do. He’s fallen for the one girl he can’t have. Cortina Villalobos is an untouchable. The daughter of one of Ecuador’s most notorious cartel leaders, she is beyond Cade’s reach in every way. Fernando Villalobos is a murderer and a madman. He will kill anyone who dares look twice at his daughter, and yet Cade can’t walk away. Will he disobey orders? Will he abandon his club? And will taking on the House of Wolves cost him his life?

The title of the book is tricky, that´s for sure. At first I thought I was going to get into a story where a motorcycle guy who has dark sexual vices meets his soulmate. But there is more than meets the eye. 
Vice is usually related with wickedness, immorality and depravation, and that is exactly what Callie Hart has portrayed in this dark and captivating story.  

The focus of the story is not only on the main characters, but on the huge role that secondary characters play in the development. I thrived to discover all of the dark secrets behind the apparent perfect façade of some characters. I was utterly hooked on the mysteries and darkness that was intertwined among the chapters. I literally devoured the book in one day, it was so good I couldn´t even fathom to put it down. I went to sleep with gritty eyes but relaxed after knowing what was behind all the mystery. 

As a Criminology student, this book totally talked with my inquisitive, dark and twisted mind. On the most dangerous and cringe worthy moments I felt joy because I understand evil. It was almost as if this book was made for me, and I absolutely adore it!

I only have praise and admiration for Callie Hart´s books since her narrative is so vivid and captivating. I absolutely and undoubtedly recommend Callie´s books. 

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Release Blitz, Excerpt & Review: Words I Couldn't Say (Promise In Prose #1) by Tessa Teevan

Title: Words I Couldn't Say 
Series: Promise In Prose #1
Author: Tessa Teevan 
Genre: Standalone Contemporary Romance
Photo Credit: Sara Eirew Photography
Release Date: November 22nd, 2016


You know the old adage “if you love something, set it free?"

It's the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

The dumbest thing I've ever done.
I loved her. I lost her. Hell, I let her go. And then spent five miserable years without her.

To cope with the loss, I put pen to paper and wrote her a love story, knowing when she was ready she’d hear the words I couldn’t say all those years ago.

Turned out, not only would she hear them, but when Hollywood came calling, I made sure she got the lead role. After all, no one else could portray the character whom she’d inspired.
Now she's within arms' reach and finally, she'll know the truth in my heart.

Because that other cliché, “Actions speak louder than words?”
I’m going to prove it.
My words may have brought Ava Banks back into my life; I have to be enough to make her stay.

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The air around us was silent save for the crickets chirping off in the distance. The cool Cincinnati breeze nipped at my skin while I waited for his reaction. When I’d started writing this novel, it had been an ode to my past love. My past life. But then it’d taken on a life of its own and become so much more. Which had made it that much more poignant. That much harder to fathom the one word that’d been haunting me for years.
At long last, he turned to the final page and sucked in a breath. My stomach twisted in knots because he was about to read the end. And I didn’t know how he’d interpret it. Half scared he’d tell me that I’d lost my mind and no one would ever want to read this story, especially with that ending.
He didn’t make me wait long. As his head slowly rose, I was taken aback at the tears shining in his usually cheerful eyes. This man, who had always been like a second father to me, had been reduced to tears by my words. My words. Words we both knew for whom they were meant. And, instead of calling me a fool or attempting to kill me, he watched me with tearful appreciation, switching between nodding and shaking his head as if trying to process it all.
I didn’t know how to react, so I simply stared at him, waiting for him to say something. Anything.
He closed the manuscript and set it on the table in front of us before taking a long swig from his whiskey glass. I followed suit and enjoyed the smoky burn that did little to soothe my nerves.
“Jesus Christ,” he muttered, his eyes locking in on mine. “Tucker. You did it. You fucking did it,” he whispered, seemingly unashamed of his emotional display.
I nodded, the same emotion welling up inside me when I remembered the ending of my first novel. So many love stories begin with the girl who got away. Mine wasn’t any different. Not only in my novel, but in real life as well. Ava Banks was, and always would be, that girl for me. But, instead of slipping through my fingers, she’d made the conscious decision to leave. And, like most dumbass men, I’d let her. Hell, I’d pushed her away. I’d regretted it ever since.
But, now, I was hoping like hell I could get the second chance Trevor did. Hoping like hell my story would turn out differently than his. But, either way, I was putting myself out there, as terrifying as that was. She finally, finally would hear the words I couldn’t say all those years ago.
Now, I just had to wait to see what she’d do about it. 


About the Author:

Tessa Teevan is a twenty-something book junkie who is also obsessed with sports. Bengals, Buckeyes, Reds are who she spends her time rooting for. She’s a research analyst by day, reads/writes by night, and is married to a guy 15 inches taller than her, making them quite the pair! They currently reside just outside of Dayton, OH with two adorably grumpy cats. 
If she’s not writing or scouring through tons of photos of hot men, all in the name of research, then you can probably find her curled up with her Kindle, ignoring the rest of the world. She loves her sports almost as much as she loves her books. Her other obsessions include red wine, hot men, rock music, and all things Corey Taylor. 
She adores hearing from readers, so please feel free to contact via any social media site listed below. 

My Review:
I love Tessa Teevan and her books so I was quite happy when I got the chance to read and review Words I Couldn't Say. And I wasn't disappointed. I've been in a book rut lately, reading books that were ok or good but not great. And I was really hoping that Tessa Teevan will take me out of the funk with an incredible story. And she delivered as always. She caught me from the very first sentence and nearly made me cry even though I was in public (that doesn't happen to me very often) and by the end of the prologue my head was spinning from the unexpected twist. Though I probably should've expected that if I was more careful in reading the synopsis :D

In it's basics this is a second chance romance. But it is so different than everything else I've read on the same topic. It is heartbreaking and at the same time so very romantic. The beginning of the book was a little bit too melodramatic for my tastes but considering it was retelling of the characters' story during their teenage years, it was kind of understandable. And I would assume that everyone who goes through such a tragedy will be at least a little bit unreasonable. Though, I didn't specifically agree or like Ava from those flashbacks, in a way I did understand her. Though I still think she could've handled the situation differently. Though that probably comes with experience.

I did love Tucker though. For one thing, with his dark hair and baby blues, he is definitely a heart-throb. I only need to imagine him repairing something shirtless and with his toolbelt haning low on his hips, and I start drooling :D But he is also strong, responsible, romantic and pretty much everything else you can think of, that can make him the perfect boyfriend and man. And what he did, to show his love for Ava is definitely swoon worthy ;)

So, in a few words, this is an incredible second chance story that you should definitely check out. It is heartbreaking and sweet and so romantic :) And if nothing else, you should check it out because of Tucker :D So get your #oneclick finger ready and pick up your copy ;)

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